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Congratulation! Getting married can be one of life's biggest milestones. I offer a range of services so you can get as much or as little as you need. My goal is to capture the beauty of your love, though the lens.

Wedding Day Packages




The full package! 8 hours start to finish, the classics package pulls out all the stops and leaves nothing behind, service includes the following;

-Getting ready     - First Look

-Grooms Room    - Guests

-Décor                 - Atmosphere

-Ceremony          - Wedding Party

-Portraits             - Family

-Extended Family - Candid

- Reception          - Send off




The Signature package comes with 4 hours of coverage and is great for modest and local weddings. Get everything you need to capture your day in a nutshell; service includes

-Getting ready  - First Look

-Décor           - Wedding Party

-Ceremony      - Family

-Portraits        - Candid

- 1/2 Reception




Capture the most important moments with 2 hours of event Photography including the following;

-Décor              - Wedding Party

-Ceremony        -Portraits




Tuck Wedding-65-2